I F**king Love Sci-Fi

Hang around my favourite social network, the ever-irritating Facebook, for long enough and you’ll discover a preponderance of pages entitled I Fucking Love…, amongst which my favourite is I Fucking Love Science. It’s one of the few good reasons to continue to use said website instead of just living one’s online life completely on Twitter.

Since…er…I fucking love the I Fucking Love… phenomenon, and since I fucking love science fiction, I hereby bring you a humble little homage to both.

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The Many Faces of Me

Sometimes, images capture words better than words capture ideas. I threw this together this afternoon, and thought it grasped some of my many facets pretty well. And yes, by the way, it is me in the pictures. This is only a semi-anonymous blog, after all! I’ve put the images in the ascending order from least to most important. So yeah, I’m someone with a mental illness, but more importantly, I have many interests; more importantly again, I’m characterised by many things; and most importantly, I am many things.

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