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If you are suicidal or in another type of acute mental health crisis, please talk to someone. Now. In the UK, you can contact The Samaritans by phone on 08457 909 909, via email at jo@samaritans.org or by text message on 07725 909 090. If you live outside the UK, please click here for a list of international hotlines that can help you. Please try using these services before you harm yourself.

It is also important that you report your symptoms to your GP and/or care team as soon as you can, so that you can access appropriate help.

Psychological/Psychiatric Advice

Although I write professionally on mental health issues, I do so as a patient. I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, nor any other type of health professional. I cannot give you mental health advice of any form. Please consult a doctor or therapist if you are experiencing mental health difficulties.

Comments Policy

Comments are always welcome! I just ask that you adhere to a few very simple rules.

  • Disagreement and debate is fine. Being a dickhead is not fine. If you want to make a counter-point to anything said in a post or other comments, go ahead – but be respectful, polite and tolerant. It’s not rocket science.
  • So: do not, under any circumstances, personally attack me, other commentators, or anyone mentioned in any post.
    • Calling out bullshit from politicians, celebrities, academics, authors etc etc, is okay. Slagging off such people and organisations is also okay; they knowingly put themselves in the firing line after all, and who doesn’t think David Cameron’s a twat? But refrain from gratuitous name-calling, and do keep it on topic please – don’t rant about George W Bush when others are discussing the role of the Vatican in contempory society or something.
  • On that point, please stay on topic. I appreciate that comments threads can naturally diversify from the original theme, and that’s fine, but don’t deliberately derail or hijack things.
  • Hate speech – including but not limited to racism, xenophobia, sectarianism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, transphobia and ableism – will never be tolerated. Such commentary will result in a summary ban on commenting.
  • Please don’t leave any personally identifying information about anyone in your comment(s), unless it’s about yourself or you have the permission of the person concerned (either through them giving you that permission, or by them writing/speaking openly in their own right, and under their own name).

Remarks that violate any of the above criteria will be edited or removed by me as appropriate. Anyone that repeatedly breaks TEH RUL3Z will be banned from leaving future comments.

But I know that none of you will break them, because you’re a lovely lot 🙂

Comments represent the opinions of their authors, not necessarily those of me or other commentators. A comment is made at its author’s sole discretion; I am not liable nor responsible for them in any way.

I May Offend You

This is my blog and I’ll write what I like (within reason, obviously!). It is possible that some posts may contain ‘triggering’ or adult themes, and I’ve been known to curse at times (as mild examples above may attest ;-)). I take no responsibility whatsoever for any offence, harm or any other form of upset caused to a reader from what I’ve written; you have chosen to read, after all. By the same token, the views expressed in posts and comments made by me reflect my views alone; these are not necessarily shared by other readers and commentators.


I may quote from other sources, such as other blogs/sites, newspapers or TV, on occasion. Where this happens, the source will always be shared, and of course the material therein remains copyrighted to whoever writes/says and/or originally publishes it. The use of such material on this blog does not necessarily imply that I or any other users of this site agree with the remarks/views in question, and I am not liable nor responsible for them in any way.

All posts remain the exclusive copyright of me, aside from excerpts as discussed in the previous paragraph. Feel free to quote me if you wish, but a link back is always required – thank you! 🙂

That’s All Folks!

Sorry to be so formal. Once bitten, twice shy and all that 😉 (Don’t ask!!!)